The Photos of Your Junk (will be publicized)

Written, Produced, & Directed by

Executive Producers
Norman Lear
Brent Miller
Lara Bergthold
Ronnie Butler Jr.

Director of Photography
Raphe Wolfgang

Ronnie Butler Jr. Poet
Jaylen Moore Beats
Alexandra Rodriguez Sexter
Justin James Hughes Rentboy
Misty Monroe Ms. Realness
Jon Weinberg Texter
Marilyn Rising Texter’s date
Herme Chua Golfer
Jonathan Nail Senator
Ralph Cole Jr. Senator’s date
Avery Radford Little Suzie
Chris Dotson Digirazzi

Postcard from the Volcano

A high-school teacher’s fantasy about one of her students comes dangerously true one night in this bleak and black comedy.

Written and directed by Josh Tate.

Starring: Karen Praxel, Jonathan Nail, Sean Rose, Kimberly Parmon and Pete Kasper.

Original Music: Marcus S. Johnson

Cinematographer: Lincoln Lewis

Editors: Scott Struna and Josh Tate

Sobriety Never Pays

Winston Distillery is on the precipice of losing everything. The CEO, Tom and two remaining sales reps, Dick and Harry have a brainstorming session that ends in disaster.

Written by Katie Schwartz. Starring Jimmy Doyle, Jonathan Nail, Stirling Gardner. Crewed by: Brad Lavery, Adam Franklin, Tony Stockert, Lisa Gutierrez, Michelle Sanchez and Kristyne Fetsic.